Projects in development

The Forte is the extraordinary culmination of  work by visionary aircraft engineers Chuck Ritchie, Jon Roncz, Larry Lombard, and Michael Dilley.

Utilizing Jon’s airfoil and airflow designs with Chuck’s overall structural and landing gear work, Larry and Michael developed the tooling, wing molds, tail mold, wing spars and fuselage plug prototypes.

This is the design that will outperform the Cirrus SR series and we’re looking for investors to bring this platform to the air.

Contact us and lets talk about what we can do together.

Wingspan: 30′ 7″
Length: 24′
Height: 9′
Cabin Width: 48″
Cabin Height: 54″
Seating: 4 Place
Engine: Continental IO-550-N
Horsepower: 310 hp.
Propeller: Hartzell 3-blade lightweight composite
Empty Weight: 1975 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight: 3411 lbs.
Useful Load: 820 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 88 gal.
Fuel: AVGAS 100LL
Avionics: User Optional FADEC
Material: Carbon Fiber
Safety: Roll Cage and 22G Seats
T/O distance, ground roll: 975 ft.
Landing distance: 750 ft.
Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 1540 ft/min.
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind: 21 kts.
Maximum Operating Altitude: 17,500 ft.
Stall Speed with flaps: 58 kts.
Min. Power off rate of descent: 560 fpm.
L/D: 16.2:1
Cruise Speed (75% power): 223 kts.
Range @ 75% Power: 1,120 nm.